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See how bots on Teams can drive engagement with your staff and build company culture around the holidays. Use The Bot Platform to build experiences that automate, advent calendars, fun quizzes, charitable toy drives and much more!

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The importance of workforce engagement around the holidays

The “Golden Quarter” represents the busiest time of the year for a lot of businesses with many retailers bringing in over 40% of annual profits during the holiday season. It’s also a very busy time for workforce management teams, with over 525K temp staff employed for the holiday period in the US alone.

This time of year can have a big impact on your workforce too, in good ways and bad. For example, while 51% of staff report feeling happier at work during the holiday season, 35% of workers report feeling more stressed at this time of year.

Employers are well aware of the importance of engaging with staff and building company culture around the holidays, but doing it in a way that can scale across a large or distributed workforce and doesn’t take up huge amounts of time to organize can be a challenge.

Luckily, by using bots on Microsoft Teams, it’s easy to create engaging experiences that connect your staff, drive engagement and boost morale during the holiday season. If you’re interested in trialing one of these use cases with your staff this year then get in touch!

Toy drives

The holidays are a time when children should be able to experience the enchantment of the season and the gift of play, but some children don’t have that luxury. In fact, there are more than 15 million children living in poverty in the US.

Fortunately, Toy Drives have become a popular holiday activity that brings staff members together to do something good. But they also require a lot of time, organisation and general admin on behalf of the organizers in order to run them effectively.

By using bots on Teams, you can automate the process of organizing Toy Drives, saving yourself huge amounts of time and increasing participation from staff.

Year in review

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on the year that has passed and identify what you want (your intentions, goals, desires) from the year ahead.

More than 50% of businesses deliver end-of-year performance reviews and share their ambitions for the year ahead. So why not extend this to the reflections and ambitions of your staff too?

Using bots on Teams, it’s easy to encourage positive self reflection from your staff, and get them thinking about their personal and work related goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

Advent calendar

Advent Calendars are a staple tradition, so why not create an interactive version of a holiday classic by sending out daily rewards and surprises to your staff in the countdown to Christmas.

Easily create Advent Calendar experiences that include festive playlists, trivia, games and quizzes, promote company holiday perks and culture building activities.

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