Messenger customer success stories

Insights, inspiration, and customer stories on the benefits of automation that supercharge fan experiences.

Helping thousands of businesses engage with their community

The possibilities of bots on Messenger are endless. Tap into the power of conversational automation and supercharge your fan experience and customer support efforts with bots on Facebook Messenger.

How Virgin Trains to engage their nationwide audience to find a new voice for their iconic talking toilets

To keep this family running like the tight-knit and efficient machine they are, Honest Burgers has been able to leverage Workplace from Facebook and The Bot Platform to create a suite of automated tools available to everyone within their organization.

Using bots to run a nationwide audition

To satisfy the cravings of RuPaul fans around the world, VH1 got down and sissy with its bot for RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Using bots to take aim at societal taboos

How Chico’s used bots to engage with their audience by encouraging women to wear their age, with nothing but pride.

The most Shameless TV bot on Messenger

How Shameless used bots and Messenger to keep their fans engaged, entertained, and build their community.

A new publishing channel for the BBC

How the BBC bot became a new publishing channel to keep younger consumers informed on UK politics.

Automated engagement with millions of music fans

How Hardwell used The Bot Platform to build the world’s first Messenger bot for the music industry.

The world's first sophisticated virtual pet cucumber

Bots meet Pokémon in this World Cucumber Day Experiment by Hendricks Gin.

An interactive TV bot worth a billion bucks

How Showtime are using The Bot Platform to drive engagement with fans of the critically acclaimed TV drama, Billions.

Connecting supporters to the communities they’re helping

How WaterAid used bots to engage and connect their supporters to the communities they’re helping.

Driving engagement for Christian Aid Week

How Christian Aid used bots to help support Christian Aid Week, an annual fundraising drive.

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