Learn how UK consultancy firm, Innosis, used The Bot Platform to build tools that help companies better utilise Microsoft Teams for their workforce.
Project Objective:

Platform enhancement



Project Completion:

August 2020


Team building principles and collaboration needs

Innosis are a UK and Australian based digital transformation and behavioural development consultancy firm.


Using their proven framework,  Innosis help organisations connect their workforce and create collaborative digital communities, with high performing virtual teams.


To help companies perform a pulse check on how they were using Microsoft Teams, and start preparing them for their upcoming workshop, Innosis wanted to create a bot that would encourage clients to think about key team building principles and collaboration needs.

Building a bot for Microsoft Teams using The Bot Platform was surprisingly easy and fun. As a non-technical person, it put me in control of the entire flow and content of the app, making it easy to experiment and change my ideas as I went along. I was impressed with the end product, but more excited about what we can build next.
Andrew Pope
Partner & Consultant

The solution


Using The Bot Platform, Innosis created Botley: an automated assistant that helps companies learn how to work more effectively on Microsoft Teams.


What originally started as a physical card game to help devise digital transformation strategies was turned into an intuitive digital workflow that takes users on a 5 stage process of analyzing how to create more collaborative and better performing teams.


Business impact

Using The Bot Platform, Innosis were able to easily create an innovative and scalable solution for their collaboration workshops. As well as receiving great feedback from customers, the bot has saved Innosis staff time and contributed toward more effective and planned out workshop sessions.

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