We’ve got some really exciting news to share. We’ve been working closely with the Workplace team for the past 6 months to get a new bot install flow working and we are pushing it live now!

From today, Workplace bot admins no longer have to copy and paste access tokens, or manually wade through the sea of permissions. They just have to click their mouse a few times and boom, they have connected their bot to Workplace! Success!

We’ve created a new video to show you how easy the Workplace bot launch process is now thanks to their new security procedures. 

This new flow is all thanks to Workplace’s newly improved and extensive security procedures and review process. These procedures and processes ensure that all of your data is as secure and protected as possible. We are thrilled to announce that we are fully compliant and approved for use within your Workplace!

Workplace’s new security procedures

As mentioned above, we’ve passed Workplace’s new extensive security review, including penetration tests and more. We now have the stamp of approval from Workplace to say that your data is safe with us.

From December 16, any custom integration will instantly stop working if it hasn’t been approved. Custom integrations are changing. Only trusted & reviewed partners are allowed to build on the Workplace platform. But there will be a transition from custom integrations to approved apps.

Over the coming months, we’ve got even more exciting security announcements to share. As you know, we believe we’re the trusted platform, we now have even more certificates and badges to prove it.

It is now even easier and more secure than ever before to build bots to automate your workplace; it’s all part of our mission to help you to be more productive at work.

Whether it’s for employee recognition, or for running your daily standups, our information security practices are just one of the many reasons why our platform has been given the thumbs up by the UK Government.

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