Lauren Kent, HR Social Content & Engagement Coordinator at DFS gave us a rundown of their new bot.

What does your bot do and what was the problem that needed to be solved?

I t is an FAQ bot for our Financial services team on Workplace by Facebook. It provides 24 hour support for internal financial queries, audit, stock control information that we weren’t able to offer before.

Why did you choose The Bot Platform?

Our partner at Facebook recommended we spoke with The Bot Platform to help creating this bot, so we did, they have been excellent every step of the journey so far.

How has The Bot Platform helped solved this problem?

Offering another solution and service to people who can now get information easily, straight to their phones. It’s great that if the people they would normally talk to are in meetings or on annual leave they still have that instant support. It is a great addition to other channels and really helps the finance team provide an improved service.

It was really good to work with The Bot Platform. The webinar really helped and their customer support was super responsive.

Laurent Kent, DFS

How did the bot compare to other channels (web/social/email etc)?

It is the personal aspect over email, the bot instantly says your name and you don’t know when you are going to get your response via email. You might get an out of office and may not know when you are going to get a reply. With the bot your question is answered instantly.


What was your approach towards building the bot?

It was a great opportunity for finance to work together as a team, to think about and gather the FAQS. It was a group project and a problem solving exercise for the whole team. We then started plugging the data into The Bot Platform, and hey presto, we have a bot.

[The Bot Platform] have been excellent every step of the journey so far.

What does the future of your bot look like?

We’re looking into the Mood bot to help with our well being strategy and a few feedback bots to get employees thoughts. The important thing for us is that we make sure we ask our colleagues their thoughts and find out what they are looking for, engage with them and gain feedback.

What do you think about the future of bots?

There is a lot of scope, we are still learning how to manage the bots. But is great that we are learning together with the Bot Platform, we are growing and learning with them.

Thanks Lauren!

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