We spoke to Laura Pugh from Circulate about their superb Messenger bot for Gianluca Vacchi.

Circulate Ireland approached The Bot Platform looking to build a Messenger bot for their client, Gianluca Vacchi. An Italian-born entrepreneur, Vacchi is a DJ, producer, financier and social media star whose Instagram account @gianlucavacchi has more than 11 million followers.

What does your bot do?

Using The Bot Platform we built a Messenger bot that automatically keeps Gianluca’s fans up to date with everything Vacchi. Fans can ask questions, hear the latest news, play fun games and quizzes and receive monthly updates with everything Gianluca’s been up to.

What was the problem that needed to be solved?

We’re always looking to explore new ways of growing engagement and bringing Gianluca closer to his fans and given Gianluca’s huge popularity, it can be quite difficult to reply to everyone’s comments and messages. As such, The Bot Platform seemed like the perfect solution as it gives fans a direct response from Gianluca and allows them to get to know him in a fun way, which they wouldn’t be able to do by commenting on a post normally.


Why did you choose The Bot Platform?

When researching which bot companies to use, we saw The Bot Platform had some of the worlds largest brands and organizations already as clients. And while we had a good idea as to what we wanted to do with Gianluca’s bot, it was great knowing that The Bot Platform were already meeting the needs of so many different types of clients and able to deploy bots across different verticals, industries and use cases.

Has The Bot Been a Success?

Yeah, we’ve seen the level of engagement from Gianluca’s fans increase steadily since we launched the bot. It’s really great to see fans interacting with it, and we’re updating it with new content as time goes on. 

We chose The Bot Platform as we saw you had some of the worlds largest brands and organizations already as clients.

Laura Pugh, Account Manager At Circulate

What was your approach towards building the bot?

We wanted Gianluca’s fans be able to get to know him from all aspects of his life, in a way that wouldn’t be possible through normal static social media posts. We also wanted to provide his fans with a fun and entertaining experience so it felt authentic to Gianluca and ensured fans keep coming back for more.

What do you think about the future of bots?

In terms of our bot for Gianluca, I feel there’s a lot of potential to grow and improve as we add more content and enable more features that delight Gianluca’s fans.

In terms of bots as a whole, I think more celebrities and musicians will start launching their own bots as they are a fantastic way to enable fans to have a more personalized relationship with their favourite celebrities, leading to a stronger connection and higher levels of engagement from fans.

Thanks Laura! We love what you guys have built for Gianluca Vacchi and we’re glad The Bot Platform continues to be of assistance.

Be sure to check out the bot for yourself.

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