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Keeping the employee experience top of mind
Crisis Support

Contact tracing and coronavirus response tools

Improving Comms

Onboarding new clients and agents

Tracking automation

Time tracking and ensuring legal compliance


Using bots to improve the onboarding experience, track time, and assist employees when returning to work.

Flight Centre Group is an Australian based travel agency whose 11,000 global employees are on a mission to open up the world to those who want to see it. Their travel consultants work towards this mission 24/7 and aim to provide choice and efficiency when it comes to booking travel.


The challenge

The past twelve months during the COVID-19 pandemic have brought massive operational changes to the travel industry. In order to adapt and provide staff with the same level of efficiency they promise their clients, Flight Centre leveraged The Bot Platform and Workplace to meet the demand for these internal projects and changes.

The platform is extremely intuitive. Within 15 minutes I was comfortable enough to create something myself. I can manage it myself. And I feel confident I can take an employee and show them, “Here’s how the platform works, here is how the bot works,” and off they can go.”
Olivia Spelman
Team Leader at Flight Centre

The solutions

Business impact

These four bots became an essential part of day to day operations at Flight Centre, saving huge amounts of time, energy and resources for HR staff, and improved the overall employee experience during a difficult time. From ensuring legal compliance to automating onboarding and FAQs, The Bot Platform enabled Flight Centre to build their own tools to address overwhelming operational needs within the company.


0 %
interaction rate with Bot Nanno
people a week following COVID-19 legal requirements
0 %
of members reached to answer FAQs
Bots help you do more and more with less and less. They drive operational efficiency.
Nick Williams
Head of Digital Workplace

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