Two years ago Ennismore, a London based hospitality brand, launched Workplace from Facebook and successfully connected thousands of employees across 5 countries. For the first time, staff from each of Ennismore’s brands became part of one central team, and launching Workplace helped Head of Culture & Internal Communications, Marcos Eleftheriou, create a vibrant and engaged internal community.

As well giving staff access to all the amazing features of Workplace, Marcos also used The Bot Platform to create a suite of automation tools that helped increase workforce engagement, collaboration, and productivity. Whether that be onboarding, offboarding, completing time sheets, booking meeting rooms, discovering learning resources or giving shout outs to their colleagues who’ve gone above and beyond.

Today, Marcos has helped create an incredibly active Workplace instance where 93% of the company use bots every month to help them get their jobs done quicker, easier and better.

Ennismore launches a new co-working brand – Working From_

Co-working spaces are clearly becoming increasingly popular amongst an increasingly growing workforce of SMEs, freelancers and independent contractors. Plus, as the benefits of remote working continue to be seen, having a membership option to a convenient and high quality co-working space will be seen more as an expectation rather than a perk.

That said – it’s important to ensure that the co-working space in question actually helps us feel good, get in the zone, focus, be productive and have the opportunity to meet with other interesting people.

Enter ‘Working From_’ the new division from Ennismore’s Hoxton Hotel which has been testing the water in Chicago and is now about to launch in London’s Southwark. The beautiful space will have over 740 desks across seven floors, interspersed with meeting rooms, kitchens, wellness studios, a garden and, of course, hotel rooms.

As well as having the opportunity to work and network in a beautiful, modern environment. Members will also have the chance to talk and connect with each other using a dedicated Workplace from Facebook instance.

To further their mission of ‘Bringing Ennismore Together,’ Marcos and his team wanted to create an online community where members of Working From_ could connect with one another, stay up to date with news, events and weekly menus, communicate with Working From_ hosts, and book meeting rooms.

Workplace was an obvious choice. Building an online community is what it does best. So Marcos set out their vision for using Workplace as a members’ tool.

Ennismore tapped into the expertise of Workplace partners, Azuronaut, to help them get set up and used their account provisioning platform, Mesh, to integrate with the Working From_ membership system to create Workplace user profiles with member IDs, not work or personal emails.

Once they had their Workplace instance set up, Marcos and the Ennismore team started thinking about an automated tool they could create that would help greet and guide members and allow them to perform key tasks.

Introducing Meet & Greet

Using The Bot Platform, Marcos built ‘Meet & Greet’ – an automated assistant for Working From_ members that helps them reserve meeting rooms, register guests and cancel any of their bookings.

To do this, Marcos integrated the bot with Ennismore’s systems which contain meeting calendars, visitor registration, room availability and capacity size. Using the bot, members can automatically search for available meeting rooms and book accordingly.

Using their Workplace ID, the Meet & Greet bot is then able to assign the meeting to a member’s account, lookup any other meetings they’ve already booked and register guests under their name for easy and seamless access for any planned or impromptu visitors.

Meet & Greet is a superb use case – not only for bots but also for Workplace – and shows how it can be used to bring any kind of community together. Not just teams of staff but groups of individual freelancers and remote workers who still want to be part of a more meaningful and connected collective that they can talk to, learn from and potentially work with.

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