How DFS are using The Bot Platform to automate internal communication
Project Objective:




Project Completion:

July 2018


Automating internal communication at DFS

DFS wanted to bring its nationwide workforce of thousands closer together by utilising bots off the back of their already existing instance of Workplace by Facebook. Using The Bot Platform, DFS are deploying multiple bots ranging from those related to company culture through to knowledge banks and FAQ automation.

The challenge

With thousands of staff already communicating with each other on Workplace by Facebook, DFS were looking to explore how bots could help streamline internal communications between all departments of the business, from HR to help desks. DFS needed a platform that was easy to use and that could scale reliably.

The solutions

The first bot DFS rolled out using The Bot Platform was designed to gain staff feedback on how DFS should craft its corporate values. The bot would ask staff members a series of open and closed questions to gain quantitative and qualitative feedback. The results from this bot driven research then helped DFS’ management team who were able to easily see how everyone in the company felt about the organisation.


With the Value bot proving a success, DFS decided to create another bot that could handle the repetitive staff queries related to finance that were having to be responded to manually every day. The Finance bot was created with the most common questions the finance team would receive and is always being built upon.


After deploying two successful bots in quick succession using The Bot Platform, DFS is now working on a suite of bot experiences that can solve various workforce queries and drive internal knowledge sharing.


Business impact

By using The Bot Platform DFS were able to easily build and launch a survey tool to get input on corporate values from their staff. The bot was simple and easy to use, as well as being accessible to all employees – whether they be on mobile or desktop. 


With just one broadcast message DFS were able to surpass their previous survey methods by 33% while the majority of responses were also received within 5 minutes of the broadcast being sent. This led to both a larger number of responses from staff as well as a much quicker response time, and because the survey was automated no staff time was involved in sending follow ups or reminders. 


Giving staff a voice and asking them to share their feedback with central teams has had a knock on impact on culture too, with 82% of DFS’s 3600 employees agreeing that Workplace allows them to make a valuable contribution at work.



employees time every day


internal communications with DFS employees


more effective than previous channels

It was really good to work with The Bot Platform. The webinar really helped and their customer support was super responsive.
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Lauren Kent
HR Social Content & Engagement Coordinator

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