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CrisisBot - Need to keep staff safe in times of crisis?


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How do you handle a crisis?

In a crisis, three issues become critical: checking that staff are OK; communicating quickly and fully; and explaining the problem and how it will be resolved.

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Part of The Bot Platform's HR Ecosystem

Manage your entire staff lifecycle using pre-built bots like New Starter Bot, Holiday Bot, Rota Bot, Reskilling bot, Training Bot, Management Training Bot and Executive Potential Bot.

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The benefits

  • ⚡️

    Instant access

    Quickly update staff in times of crisis.

  • 💻

    No coding required

    Track whether key updates are read, and follow up missing responses.

  • 🌐

    Gather information

    Use instant surveys to request feedback.

  • 🤖

    Interactive experience

    Use interactivity to explain complex situations.

  • 📈

    Audience tools for internal use

    Analytics, optimisation, compliance management and more.

  • 🏅

    99.9% uptime with SLA

    Have peace of mind about your technology solutions.


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