RuPaul’s Down And Sissy Messenger Bot

To satisfy the cravings of RuPaul fans around the world, VH1 and Logo created the appropriately named “Sissy That Bot” with an incredibly in-depth Drag-O-Pedia of everything RuPaul related from the past 10 seasons of the show, exclusive content and recap videos, episode links and fun Messenger games and experiences that tied to what was happening during the season.

A ‘Dragopedia’ for any RuPaul’s Drag Race knowledge you would want.

Brittany TravisSenior Director of Social Media, VH1 + Logo

To celebrate Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, MTV and VH1’s cyber squirrelfriends wanted to team up with The Bot Platform to drive engagement with their millions of fabRUlous fans.

The bot needed to be a Drag-O-Pedia, filled with fun information about everything Drag Race related from the past 10 seasons of the show, and to drive fan engagement during the season with weekly interactive games and experiences.


The appropriately named “Sissy That Bot” includes an incredibly in-depth Drag-O-Pedia of the show’s Drag Race and All Star season history. Typing in or choosing a season brings up a menu with the queens, challenges, judges, all the lip syncs, recap videos and full episode links.

The bot also includes a Queen Ru-lette with fun facts about fan-favorite contestants, a Get-A-GIF-Girl random gif generator, quizzes, contests, polls and Easter eggs for fans to uncover.

The bot was designed to make fans feel like being inside the show, and has lots of Drag Race attitude, with links and responses all written in the show’s and/or drag’s sassy vernacular. During the course of the season the bot was then updated with fun quizzes and experiences that tied to what was happening in the show.

An incredible resource and a lot of fun, and something more shows with passionate fans should create.

Andy DehnartReality Blurred

After a successful season of driving engagement with fans, “Sissy That Bot” now lives on as a permanent hand to the Queen, automating fun conversations and interactions with RuPaul fans around the world.  

The Results

Messages sent to fans
Subscribed to alerts
Read rate on broadcasts
users clicked thru to watch content on VH1.com
Best use of Messenger at the Shorty Awards
Emerging Platform award at the Streamys Awards

How They Did It

Step 1: Design the first phase of the bot
Together with The Bot Platform, VH1 and Logo ran a workshop to plan the outline and feature set of the initial bot, as well as the phasing plan for introducing new elements and updates throughout the course of the season.

Step 2: Capture content with Queens
RuPaul’s team captured custom content for Sissy That Bot during filming of RuPaul’s Drag Race with participating Queens which was then rolled out over the course of the season.

Step 3: Launch the bot to the world
Once the bot had been built using The Bot Platform and all the initial content was in place, VH1 and Logo launched the bot to the world using a breadth of organic and paid promotional tactics.

Step 4: Refine the experience and reward the fans
RuPaul’s team were able to monitor audience and message trends using The Bot Platform’s analytics tools and optimize the content of their bot throughout the course of the season, incorporating any popular questions or topics that might pop up.

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