The world's first sophisticated virtual pet cucumber, by Hendrick's

Everyone knows the importance of cucumber in a quality Gin and Tonic, so working with Hendrick’s, Splendid Communications cultivated an experience like no other by allowing fans to virtually adopt a cucumber and remotely care for it in the run up to World Cucumber Day on June 14.

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For those who prefer to forgo the hustle and bustle of growing a seedling in the dirt, we offer the option of nurturing a sophisticated virtual cucumber.


With World Cucumber Day on the horizon, Splendid Communications and Hendricks were looking to capitalize on this cucurbitaceae-themed cultural holiday and demonstrate the importance of a quality cucumber in the perfect serve of a Hendricks Gin and Tonic.

The bot needed to drive engagement with Hendricks fans by letting them grow, care for and look after their own cucumber ahead of World Cucumber Day on June 14.


The Hendrick’s Cucumber Adoption Service is for those green-fingered souls who crave the companionship of a cucumber but lack the requisite greenhouse. Hendricks fans could adopt a virtual cucumber and remotely care for it in the run up to World Cucumber Day.

Adoptees could care for their virtual dependees in a variety ways; name it, tickle it, water it, play music to it, and even sing songs to it. The bot gives users control on how often they receive updates, with the least intrusive option being ‘once fortnightly’.

Throughout their growth cycle from seedling to majestic fruit, virtual cucumber plants were exposed to three genres: classical, jazz and rock. The rock and roll specimens turned out measurably larger than jazz listeners and classicists (indicating that cucumbers are not only conscious, but perhaps more rakish than anticipated).

It’s a great example of how Facebook Messenger’s business chat services can be used for fun as well as plain old customer service.

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The Results

Enabled Alerts
Using a proprietary algorithm, no two people would have the same cucumber experience

How They Did It

Step 1: Design the first phase of the bot
Together with The Bot Platform, the Splendid Communications team had a 4 hour workshop to plan the outline and feature set of the initial bot.

Step 2: Launch the bot to the world
Once the bot had been built using The Bot Platform and all the content was in place, Hendrick’s launched the bot to the world by simply posting links to it in relevant places, seeding the story to PR and running a paid media campaign on Facebook.

Step 3: Monitor how people use it
Once people started communicating with the bot and engaging with the content Hendrick’s were able to see how exactly people wanted to care for their cucumber, and what content was resonating best.

Step 4: Refine the experience and reward the fans
Hendrick’s were able to improve and refine the experience quickly and easily over time as more data was analysed, while all users were rewarded when World Cucumber Day came along on June 14.

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