Automated engagement with millions of music fans

We delivered a world first fan experience by creating a Messenger bot for the 2nd biggest electronic DJ in the world, Hardwell.

Vote on your favorite tracks, submit shout-outs to be played on Hardwell’s weekly podcast, browse merch, receive news and exclusive alerts on music releases and more, right from Messenger.

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A World First Fan Experience For The Music Industry.


With millions of fans on Facebook and millions more engaging with Hardwell every week across his various social and digital properties, Hardwell was looking for a way to automate the mass of fan interactions he was receiving as well as providing him a direct new 1-2-1 channel within which to communicate with his super fans.

The bot needed to entertain and reward his fans, provide exclusive access to content and increase fan participation in his competitions and track of the week voting mechanic.


Fans can chat with Hardwell and receive answers to hundreds of different kinds of questions, receive exclusive updates and advanced teasers of new tracks and music videos, submit fan art, receive exclusive giveaways and even browse through the latest Hardwell apparel and merch.

One of the core pieces of functionality is the Track of the Week voting mechanic. Fans can now receive a message each week with a new choice of three songs to pick from. They can listen to audio samples, share them and vote on their favourite all without leaving Messenger.

The bot is also integrated with Hardwell’s other channels, including his podcast, Hardwell on Air, that has 50 million weekly listeners around the world. Fans can have their own shout-outs featured on the show simply by leaving an audio message using the bot, the best of which are then broadcast as part of the ongoing “Fan Shout-Out of the Week” feature. Have a listen to the podcast integration below.

The bot has been regularly Featured By Facebook In The Recommended Section Of Messenger, Putting It Directly In Front Of An Audience Of Over 1B More Users.

The Results

fans using the bot
increase in fan votes
Click Through Rate
Messages with fans
#1 Driver
of book sales across social
by Facebook Messenger

How They Did It

Step 1: Design the first version of the bot
Hardwell’s team starting by analysing his page activity, comments and message trends to develop the core content, functionality and trigger words that would power the bot. They then worked with The Bot Platform to map that content out in a bot architecture that prioritized the content most sought-after by fans.

Step 2: Launch the bot to the world
The bot was launched using a breadth of organic and paid promotional tactics, from social posts and promotional assets through to PR coverage and organic sharing by fans. By integrating seamlessly with Hardwell’s other channels, such as his podcast for the Fan Shoutout of The Week feature, the bot became a staple part of Hardwell’s digital ecosystem.

Step 3: Monitor how people use it
Since launch the bot has been continually updated with new replies based on the trends from the millions of inbound messages that have been sent to the chatbot by fans.

Step 4: Refine the experience and reward the fans
Over time, the bot has been updated with new content including exclusive merchandise and pre-order access to Hardwell’s books, shows and festivals.

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