Driving engagement for Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid approached The Bot Platform to help craft a bot to support Christian Aid Week, an annual fundraising drive. Through the unique perspective of Victoria, a Senior Programme Officer from Haiti, the audience were able to see the lives of people impacted by the earthquake in the region, read up on the support work being done by Christian Aid and the events happening during Christian Aid Week.

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The chatbot gives people the opportunity to explore and learn in an interactive way and we hope that allows them to get closer to our work.

Victoria Jean-LouisSenior Programme Manager, Christian Aid

The bot was designed to accompany Christian Aid Week, a marketing drive to help the charity promote the work they do around the world. The bot needed to be engaging and empathetic while showing off the plethora of projects Christian Aid had been working on for the last few years (specifically in the region of Haiti).

As part of the brief, it would need to be engaging enough to build a subscriber base, promote click-throughs to the website, promote the brands vision and work, and most importantly receive donations.


We decided to take the approach of showcasing Christian Aid through the eyes of Senior Programme Officer in Haiti, Victoria. Victoria had been working closely with the people of Haiti, so she was the perfect candidate to share the stories of the people affected in the region.

Users were also given the chance to explore and learn about Christian Aid’s history and work in a conversational way, helping them quickly understand Christian Aid’s mission and values, how they’re helping the less fortunate in Haiti and how the money you donate helps that cause.

We have introduced these changes to further boost engagement and to take the appeal into the digital age.

Lianne Howard-DaceChristian Aid Week lead, Christian Aid

How They Did It

Step 1: Design the first phase of the bot

Together, Christian Aid and The Bot Platform decided the bot will have three major points: the charity, the campaign and their work.

The bot was to inform subscribers of these three points but mainly focus on the campaign at hand, Christian Aid Week. Once the event was finished, the bot would then transition to focus on the Charity and allow users to stay in touch with Christian Aid.

Christian Aid was founded in 1941 and so meant that a lot of content was on hand to use. We used this to our advantage and decided to build a visually rich bot complete with lots of photographs and videos.

Step 2: Launch the bot to the world

The bot was promoted on Christian Aid’s organic social channels as well as Facebook ads and Messenger ads that brought people directly to the bot. Charity Digital News also picked up on the new bot and created a blog post.

Step 3: Monitor how people use it

Christian Aid identified that case studies were receiving the most traffic so they decided to double-down on this content as it was resonating with the audience. A video case study on Christian Aid’s work in Haiti was then pushed to the bot.

Step 4: Refine the experience and reward the fans

Once Christian Aid Week had finished, the bot was transformed into primarily educating users on Christian Aid and the work that they do.

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