Using bots to take aim at societal taboos

As part of their national advertising campaign, #HowBoldAreYou, Chico’s wanted to challenge the societal taboo faced by women; age. Rather than be something to hide, Chico’s wanted to empower women to boldly show off their age.

Using Messenger, Chico’s extended their message of age-positivity and celebration into a social rallying cry that encouraged women around the country to embrace a bold new attitude and wear their age with pride – both online and through their clothing.

It’s great to be 20, but it’s also great to be 62 or 43 or 51 and that’s the message we wanted to share through this new campaign.

Shelagh StonehamSenior Vice President, Marketing, Chico's

With the launch of its #HowBoldAreYou campaign, Chico's were looking to celebrate women, their unique life experiences, and the authenticity and joy that comes with age. The brand campaign included an anthem video where women were challenged to wear custom designed t-shirts featuring a number that reflected how old they were.

Working with their agency, The&Partnership, Chico’s were looking to extend the campaign message into social media by creating a Messenger Bot that enabled women around the country to embrace the mantra of the campaign, be bold and show off their age with pride.


Using The Bot Platform, Chico’s and The&Partnership built a bot that continued the messaging of the advertising campaign and invited women around the country to join the movement and boldly share their age with pride.

The bot took on the persona of their campaign spokesperson, 58 year old author and entrepreneur Lee Woodruff, and encouraged women to show off their age by adding an age specific photo frame that they could add to their profile picture on Facebook for all their friends and family to see.

As well as boldly sharing their age on social media, the bot also linked them to age specific t-shirts that could be purchased from Chico’s.com.

This campaign is so much more than a tagline; it is a rallying cry for the fun, the fearless, the fabulous women who represent a bold new attitude.

Shobha SiaramChief Strategy Officer, The&Partnership

The Results

1 Million
Messages handled by the bot over the campaign period
of users added a custom frame to their profile photo on Facebook
of users clicked through to buy a Bold campaign t-shirt from Chicos.com

How They Did It

Step 1: Design the first version of the bot
Together with The Bot Platform, The&Partnership ran a workshop to plan the outline and feature set of the initial bot, as well as aligning on the approach for how to best use the Profile Picture Frames feature on Facebook.

Step 2: Capture and collect content 
As the initial build of the bot started to come together, The&Partnership captured bespoke content specifically for the bot including images, videos and GIFs.

Step 3: Test the message flow
With the initial bot structure in place and all the campaign assets created and linked to, The Bot Platform and The&Partnership conducted user testing to ensure the experience was as optimal as possible.

Step 4: Launch the bot to the world
The&Partnership and Chico’s launched the bot to the world using a breadth of organic and paid promotional tactics, including click-to-Messenger ads, social media promotion, campaign PR and links from Chico’s.com.

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