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Axwell /\ Ingrosso sold over £5,000 worth of merch with one simple message

The results

  • October 2016


  • 3 Million+

    Like on Facebook

  • Less than 2%

    Traditional organic reach

  • 99%

    Read rates on broadcasts

  • 21%

    Average click through rates

  • 2,788%

    More effective than email marketing

  • 60%

    Users subscribed to broadcasts

  • $0.31

    Calculated CPC

  • 496%

    More effective than PPC advertising

*Average CPC globally is $1.55. Source.

How they did it

Step 1: Design the first version of the bot

ATM artists and Virgin EMI built their bot to do exactly what they wanted using The Bot Platform. They kept it super simple to begin with.

Step 2: Direct traffic to their Messenger account

Axwell /\ Ingrosso directed their fans to their Messenger account across various platforms using a simple URL.

Step 3: Get fans to opt-in

Once fans engaged with them via Messenger, they were then asked to opt-in to receive updates on the platform.

Step 4: Broadcast key news to their audience

The Bot Platfrom has an built in broadcast system with SmartTargeting. Schedule a message to go to all of the subscribers. Don’t spam or you’ll get blocked, and you’ll never reach them again.

Their broadcast strategy

  • Spontaneous

    Not just the upsell. Fans don’t love being sold to. Send them quizzes, ask them questions. Ask them how their day was. Be fun.

  • Personalised

    Send fans messages they actually care about. Treat them as fans, give them exclusive access to a direct 1-1 relationship.

  • Interactive

    A broadcast messages is interactive. Don’t just push out. Push something that pulls them back into a conversation.

"Thanks to The Bot Platform we can now send broadcast messages to 10k+ fans so that’s mega powerful for releasing new music etc. We’ve managed to sell over £10,000 worth of merch directly via Facebook Messenger."

Sean Hill

Chief Marketing Officer @ ATM Artists

Try it out

Try the bot for yourself right here or scan the code using the Messenger app.

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