We’ve been pretty busy here at The Bot Platform over the past few months.

We held another Bot Academy, passed multiple security reviews like ISO 27001, and are now an approved G-Cloud vendor.

We are always taking feedback and suggestions from our customers to help us evolve The Bot Platform with them in mind. On top of all the exciting news, our product team has been blitzing through new changes behind the scenes. Check out some of our newest updates, what this means for platform users, and how this can make your experience better:

Navigation Mode

We have been thinking about and planning our new Navigation Mode for a long time. Before Navigation Mode, bot builders would have to switch back and forth between editing an individual message and going back to the main messages tab.

This new form of navigation solves the pain point of not being able to make your way through the bot journey or understand how the messages fit together without first connecting the bot.

Navigation Mode allows you to ultimately see how this bot fits together by clicking your way through the bot, message by message.

Simply click through the messages one at a time to follow the message flow for a bot user without having to launch your bot. Navigation Mode makes it easy to find where there might be common issues like message formatting or incorrect linking.

Navigation Mode isn’t necessarily a replacement for testing a bot before launching it – you should obviously still properly test your launched bots as an end user would before promoting them on your Workplace instance – but with Navigation Mode it is now very easy to understand how a bot fits together without leaving the message builder screen.


Nudge feature

Automation can help save huge amounts of time when it comes to putting relevant information and content in front of the right people. But sometimes staff need a reminder to ensure they complete certain actions.

Using our new nudge feature, bot admins can now automatically remind users to complete the action until they have. This is done by assigning attributes to certain parts of the message journey that staff would only see if they had completed the task in question. For example, adding an attribute to staff who’ve completed a survey, left feedback or read an important company announcement.

When answers are submitted, those users’ attributes are set to “response submitted.” When you need to nudge those who have not completed the survey, simply send a second broadcast to those with the attribute as “not set,” and they will receive the second broadcast to complete the action.

By doing this, you can then create continual broadcasts that nudge those staff members who haven’t got this attribute assigned until they’ve completed the task in question. The nudge can take place on a daily or weekly cadence depending on the importance of the action that needs to be completed.

Use Workplace profile data as attributes

We’ve integrated profile data into our attributes feature which now means if a staff member has a certain piece of information added to their profile, such as their department or office location, you can pull this information into the bots you’re building. You can filter responses by division, department, office location, or position.

This update means you can use Workplace profile data as attributes and send broadcasts by organisation, division, department, primary address, job title or name. For example, you can now have managers see one message while everyone else sees another.


People set triggers

Using people sets on Workplace, you can now automate the first message to send the moment they sign up to Workplace.

A use case for this functionality is when you are onboarding new hires. This initial message can be your usual greeting that welcomes them to the company or initiates a new starter/onboarding bot that provides them with useful information, onboards them to Workplace and checks in with them over time.

To learn more about using people sets on your Workplace bot, check out our full help doc at the link below.

We’re continually improving our platform based on the feedback we get from customers. If you have any ideas for ways we could improve our platform, drop us a message below 👇.

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