Engagement down across your marketing channels?

A bot could be the solution you’re looking for.

I f you have been managing a Facebook business page for a few years, it’s likely you have noticed a significant increase in automation tools online, in particular Facebook Messenger bots.

Marketers and business owners use social media marketing to build awareness of their brands, but even if your Facebook page is growing in ‘likes’, it doesn’t make your Facebook post organic reach any higher than your competitors; your post might be ignored if they spot your competitor first.

In fact, on average there are over 1,500 stories that could appear in a person’s News Feed each time they log onto Facebook. With every new page ‘like’, competition in News Feed increases even further.

Facebook have also recently announced that the organic reach is going to decrease even further!

Lucky for you we have a solution to enable you to reach potential customers, before your competitors get there first.

What are Messenger bots and how are people using them in their marketing strategy?


Monthly Active Users

Facebook Messenger bots have the potential of reaching over 1.3 billion people, and with more than two billion messages being sent between businesses and individuals every month on Messenger, you’d be insane to miss out.

Messenger bots are automated communication tools, used to solve problems that businesses face every day. People use bots to tackle their guilty, unread Facebook inbox, sell merchandise in a matter of minutes and send fans a fun quiz to take part in. All proving to be great methods to promote engagement and build relationships with fans and customers.

Messenger bots can automate all of your marketing and customer service tasks if you do it properly, and guess what? They are super easy to build without any coding experience using our tools.

Facebook has over 100,000 bots chatting to and helping people out over Facebook Messenger with instant replies, increasing engagement, and good customer service ratings.

Taking advantage of Facebook Messenger bots, using tools like The Bot Platform will boost your customer outreach to outperform other channels. Messenger bots have become increasingly popular, and with Facebook’s 1.3 billion monthly active users, it is the trusted platform for the use of Messenger bots. Don’t get left behind!

Check out some of our case studies to see how people are using bots right now.

Your customers prefer Facebook Messenger

FYI sending messages through Facebook is one of the most popular ways of business to consumer communication. Statistics show that two BILLION messages are sent between people and businesses each month, 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business if they can message them directly and 56% of people would rather message than call customer service.

Furthermore, every website’s interface and navigation is different, therefore it takes a person a lot of time to find their way around, especially if they are not tech savvy. Whereas everyone, all over the world understands how to use Facebook Messenger and humans love a bit of easy buying.

Your customers want information instantly and on demand, they also want to complete tasks as quickly as possible with ease. Messenger bots give them exactly this, giving opportunity for your customers to message instead of phoning and clicking a button instead of spending time and effort typing.

We’ve managed to sell over £10,000 worth of merch directly via Facebook Messenger in just a couple of months

Sean Hill, Chief Marketing Officer, ATM Artists

Turn conversations into conversions

Have you got thousands of followers across the web, but whenever you send an email or post something online, you feel as though your messages aren’t reaching any of the right people?

If you are no longer interested in vanity metrics or going viral, but you want to build real relationships with your customers or prospective customers, Facebook Messenger bots can help.

Facebook Messenger bots make it possible for you to communicate with your customers directly, making it more personable. Plus, you will know for certain it is reaching the right person.

Facebook Messenger bots allow customers to book appointments or purchase products with a click of a button or two; giving them more opportunity to become a valued customer.

Check out Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s Messenger bot using our outbound messaging system which allows you to instantly send key news in a message, to all of your subscribers. As all things digital, don’t spam them, they will block you. Facebook has various tips and guidelines on how best to use the outbound messages. Every outbound message, restarts the conversation between you and your customer.

The Swedish DJ duo sold over £5,000 worth of merchandise by one simple outbound message. They advertised 100 caps but actually sold 200 via the Messenger bot in minutes! The stats show that this was 2,788% more effective than their email marketing and 496% more effective than their PPC advertising.


Automated personalised response and updates

With The Bot Platform, you will never have to feel guilty about ignoring a Facebook message again, leaving your customers feeling cared about and engaged. Might you even pay someone to answer your millions of messages? Get your money back with a Facebook Messenger bot.

Additionally, guide your customer through an automated button led journey to achieve your goals and theirs.

For example, a customer of yours wants to know what time you open and close on Sundays. The customer types ‘What time do you open and close on Sunday?’ you see the message pop up but you’re too busy to reply and you risk losing this customer. However, if you have a Messenger bot, your bot will send an automated, personalised reply; ‘Hi Jenny! Thank you for your message, we open at 10:00 AM-15:00 PM on Sundays, we hope to see you then!’ Triggered by the words ‘Sunday’ and ‘Time’, this potential customer is now more likely to visit on Sunday.

Bots have super customer service skills if you train them correctly. They can even have a sense of humour depending on the tone of voice you wish to set, take a look at Hendricks virtual pet cucumber for a laugh.

Your customers want to feel important, loved and cared about. A friendly personalised message will help superfans to feel more engaged than ever, compared to an annoying sponsored post which looks like all the rest of them.

Why are you still wasting your marketing budget when there’s a high chance they won’t reach your audience, and if it does, they’ll probably dismiss it for yet another pushy promo ad…

Instead, you could give real value, with a personalised touch, straight to their smartphones with a notification and give them choice of what to receive by using segmentation. Targeting your customers is so powerful; it means the messages you send are going to people who actually want to receive it and are much more likely to take action.

We’re even recommended by Facebook themselves!

Just in case you wanted another reason to try the power of a Messenger bot, we are recommended by Facebook themselves, they are even a customer too. They like us, you’ll love us.

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