Living in the digital age has brought a storm of changes to the way businesses operate behind the scenes. Although new technologies and content management systems have generally improved access to information, they have also created a cyclone of information overload, making any one piece of information difficult to find.

The information employees need to do their best work is now spread across multiple channels like emails, chats, docs, spreadsheets, intranets and cloud storage services.

A survey done by Nintex revealed that out of 1,000 respondents, 39% admitted to observing broken document management and sales processes within their organization. In particular, 49% said they have trouble locating documents, 43% have difficulty with document approval requests, and document sharing, and 33% struggle finding the correct document version.

How much can information inefficiency cost your business?

According to Interact Source, 19.8% of business time is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively. That is equivalent to one day per working week that employees spend searching for what they need. If you’re paying that employee $15-20 an hour, that’s anywhere from $120-160 a week or over $6,000 a year wasted on just searching for information.

Another report done by Mckinsey revealed that employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching for and gathering information. Put another way, businesses hire 5 employees but only 4 show up to work; the fifth is off searching for answers, but not contributing any value. When taking a more in-depth look into the tasks breakdown for those employees, these respondents are spending 47% of their time looking for information and managing emails.

This fractured system can lead to outdated information, misunderstanding, and frustrated employees. Luckily, there is an easy solution to a complex business problem – simplify the ability to search, find, and utilize documents from anywhere, at any time using bots.

Finding the right information doesn't have to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

By using bots on Workplace from Facebook it’s possible to create automated tools that ensure staff can easily search for and access information whenever they want – therefore saving them time, reducing confusion and uncertainty, and increasing productivity.

Company Handbook bot

Many organizations dislike printing employee handbooks. They’re always out of date and a huge waste of paper (and money). But when you have Workplace as a central resource for your team it’s easy to create automated handbook guides that allow staff to access and find relevant information, policies and resources no matter where they are.

One of our customers, Ennismore, created a bot called ‘Your Guide To…’ that automatically directs staff to the desired information. With over 450 search terms (and growing), a team member can simply ask the bot what they’re looking for. The bot will also broadcast any new policies or updates and, using Group Triggers, when someone new joins Workplace they get sent a welcome message from the bot with a little guide of the Handbook group.

New Starter bot

Recruiting a new employee and finding the right fit for a position is the first step in a complex process. Once the right person has been hired, organizations need to supply adequate training. With 15% of employees saying the lack of an effective onboarding program impacted their decision to quit, ineffective communication with new hires can result in thousands of dollars in turnover costs.

The onboarding process is the first opportunity for a business to leave a positive first impression on new hires and ultimately improve retention. Many of our clients like LeadingAgile and Citizens Advice have leveraged our New Starter bot to induct new staff quickly and ensure the information they are given is up-to-date and easily accessible.

New starters at Citizens Advice perform their training tasks 30x faster using a New Starter bot compared to previous methods. For LeadingAgile, new employees complete their training program and are given an automated tool as a resource to refer back to. Using a New Starter bot, both were able to save time and money while allowing their HR teams to focus more on high-priority tasks for new hires.

Helpdesk / FAQ bot

For IT and HR departments, a lot of their time is spent on answering everyday FAQs and problems that arise. So many manual hours being dedicated to repetitive tasks mean they have less time to spend on bigger projects and company initiatives.

At Mariner Wealth, their IT department was able to roll both of these tasks into one automated bot during a new technology rollout. By creating the RC Rollout bot, Mariner Wealth was able to easily communicate the rollout of a major technology change with as minimal disruption to staff as possible.

The bot automatically answered inquiries from staff about the technology change, whether they be questions before the switch took place or troubleshooting/FAQs after the new phone systems had been installed. The bot also posted any questions that couldn’t be answered to a private group on Workplace where a member of the IT team was then able to review the question and answer accordingly.

By using bots on Workplace, Mariner Wealth saw 100% successful phone system roll out to 35 offices across the U.S.

HD Stand-up bot

Chances are you have probably heard of a daily stand-up meeting before. While stand-up meetings can give everyone a chance to see what their teammates are working on, for some employees, these meetings can feel like a waste of time.

To remain informed within the IT department, Mariner Wealth would hold their own weekly stand-up meeting where everyone would take 30 minutes to discuss what they have on their plate. When you crunch the numbers, that ends up being 3.5 hours a week total taken from their team of seven.

But thanks to their Help Desk Stand-Up bot, what used to take 30 minutes every week for seven people (3.5 hours total) now takes just 2 minutes each day (14 minutes), making the stand-up process 93% more effective than it was before.

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