With new technologies constantly coming to market, implementing new software for businesses has become a regular and daunting task for IT departments. If not executed correctly, these changes can create a cyclone of problems for your business, like project delays, productivity declines, and confused staff.

According to a study done by IAG Consulting, IT department projects that introduced significant new functionality to an organization averaged a whopping $3 million per project and 68% of those projects result in an outright failure due to their project management approach. With costs and fail statistics such as these, the long-term value of new systems can be wasted due to the number of resources spent in getting them set up correctly.

With significant dollars and resources on the line, ensuring new technology systems are rolled out in an organized and efficient manner with minimal disruption to staff is key.

Justin Stolberg, Senior Manager on the IT helpdesk at Mariner Wealth Advisors, was facing one of these significant business initiatives. Justin and his team were responsible for overhauling and installing a new and unified teleconferencing service for all 35 different office locations across the U.S.

As you can imagine, changing 35 new phone systems for 685 people currently on four or five different phone providers was a massive – and expensive – undertaking.

Using The Bot Platform, Justin and Mariner Wealth were able to create an automated tool that lived on Workplace to provide information on the new phone system rollout, send relevant training materials, and respond to FAQs from staff.

The RC Rollout bot helped the IT department improve communication around the project by using broadcasts to alert the company and then remind each department before the rollout took place. The bot also distributed necessary training materials and automatically answered enquiries from staff about the rollout, whether they be questions before the switch took place or troubleshooting/FAQs after the new phone systems had been installed.

Using the post to group function, the bot then shared any questions that couldn’t be answered automatically to a private group on Workplace where a member of the IT team was then able to review the question and answer accordingly.

“Previously we would have been blasting our staff with emails, hoping they read information posted to our intranet, and spending huge amounts of time replying to and helping different employees with the rollout. By using a bot on Workplace we were able to simplify everything, automate the comms process, and put all the relevant information in one place for our staff.”

– Justin Stolberg, Mariner Wealth

Alongside major IT initiatives, open enrollment can go drastically wrong for businesses when HR teams are underprepared.

If you work in HR, the Open Enrollment season can be a nightmare. Distributing information, answering questions, and ensuring employees sign up for their benefits becomes a full-time job.

Unfortunately, resources spent towards open enrollment usually fall flat in the water. On average, employees only spend 18 minutes enrolling in their benefits and report that the process makes them feel stressed (21%), confused (22%) and anxious (20%).

In fact, employees find this process so painful that according to an Aflac survey, 48% of employees said they would rather “walk across hot coals” or “talk to an ex” than complete their annual benefits enrollment.

With another year of open enrollment coming to an end, organizations have an opportunity to reflect on their current process and find ways to improve for next year.

For the HR team at Mariner Wealth, the best way to improve their open enrollment experience was to automate the process of communicating information, answering questions, encouraging staff to sign up and sending reminders.

Using The Bot Platform, they were able to create a 2020 Benefits Open Enrollment bot which was able to relay information on the different benefit plants being offered, inform staff on deadlines for enrollment, and nudge staff members who hadn’t completed the sign-up process.

By utilizing bots on Workplace, the Mariner Wealth HR team saw staff sign up for benefits 25% faster than in previous years while taking up far less of the HR team’s time thanks to the automated experience.

Connect staff, save time, and speed up information transfer.

With Workplace being the main communication hub for their staff, Mariner Wealth Advisors created a suite of automated tools that allowed them to communicate key IT and HR related information to the entire company in the most efficient way possible. To learn more about the bots built by Mariner Wealth take a look at their full case study or get in touch to talk more about how bots on Workplace could benefit your HR and IT teams.

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