How Showtime Networks are using The Bot Platform to drive engagement with fans of the critically acclaimed TV drama, Billions.
Project Objective:

Audience engagement



Project Completion:

May 2018


A TV bot worth a billion bucks

For Season 3 of Billions, Showtime created a Messenger bot to drive excitement for the premiere, maintain the high-brow and witty tone of the series, and increase viewership engagement through a range of Messenger features that allowed fans to get their money’s worth of all things Billions.

The challenge

As part of the Season 3 launch, Showtime were looking to retain and engage loyal fans and grow their social community size for the critically acclaimed TV drama, Billions.

The solutions

The Messenger bot gave fans their own personal portfolio of all things Billions related, from official trailers, character overviews, episode previews and plot recaps through to pre-season quizzes that ensured fans were up to speed in time for the premiere. Throughout the season, the bot was then updated with new content, games and experiences based on what was happening in the show.

Fans could take a deeper look around Axe’s multi-million dollar apartment through a nifty 360 degree Messenger experience, get career advice and words of wisdom from Wendy, Axe Capital’s Corporate Psychoanalyst, and check out the best music from the series through an updated Spotify playlist that could be accessed within the bot.

There were then various quizzes and ‘Which character are you’ games for fans to play, as well as an apparel store so fans could ensure they themselves look like a billion bucks.

The bot gave fans their own personal portfolio of all things Billions related, including trailers, character overviews, episode previews, plot recaps and quizzes.

The results

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