Is your workplace ready for reopening?

Small business owner smiling and holding the sign for the reopening of the place after the quarantine due to covid-19.

The impact reopening will have on the workforce and how bots can help.

How new technology and digital automation tools can help frontline workers

In this article we look at the UK Government’s Help To Grow Scheme and how new technology tools like The Bot Platform can help businesses boost employee engagement, productivity and company culture.

How a digital training assistant helped me use Microsoft Teams

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How employers can help with the vaccine rollout

A look at the progress of the global vaccine rollout and the steps companies can take in helping their staff stay safe and informed.

5 Employee Experience opportunities you should be looking at in 2021

Shot of line of concentrated employees working with laptops on coworking place.

Amplify your employee experience in 2021 Written on 14th January 2021 In this article we look at how the last year has led to a more rapid rate of change for HR and Internal Comms teams than we’d usually expect in almost a decade, and 5 opportunities for EX professionals to look at as the… Continue reading 5 Employee Experience opportunities you should be looking at in 2021

How bots can take your company events to the next level

This article covers the challenges facing companies running virtual or physical events and how bots on Workplace and Microsoft Teams can help.