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Automate processes, save time and money, and make your staff more productive at work with bots on Workplace.

Workplace bot


Communicating with frontline staff & increasing engagement on Workplace
Workplace bot

Honest Burgers

Creating tools, encouraging learning, and managing crisis comms
Workplace bot

Mariner Wealth Advisors

Improving comms and informational delivery.
Workplace bot

WW (Weight Watchers)

Create a culture of peer-to-peer recognition.

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Entertaining fans and loyal viewers of the hit US TV series, Shameless.
Messenger Bot


Supporting an ad campaign encouraging women to wear their age with pride.
Messenger Bot


A world first fan experience for the music industry.
Messenger bot

RuPaul’s Drag Race

An in depth drag-o-pedia for RuPaul fans.

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LeadingAgile The amount of onboarding that we were doing manually effectively meant it was a full time job. Now, with bots and automation on Workplace, we’re saving up to 80 hours a month and providing a better onboarding experience.” LEADINGAGILE LEARN MORE " WUW I was blown away. Something that used to take up two days of my time every other week had taken me just 10 minutes with the bot." WAKE UP WARRIOR LEARN MORE " Viacom Since its launch, the bot has sent over 1.3M messages to hundreds of thousands of fans, 20% of which click through to watch content on, helping to drive video views on our owned channels." VIACOM LEARN MORE " Ennismore With bots, you can create your own tools and features and really personalize the experience your staff are having. Bots allow you to make Workplace yours." ENNISMORE LEARN MORE " DFS It was really good to work with The Bot Platform. The webinar really helped and their customer support was super responsive." DFS LEARN MORE " 1% More people are responding to messages, engaging in groups, showing up at events ad participating in general areas of our program because of bots." ONE PERCENT GROUP LEARN MORE " ATM By sending just one broadcast message to Axwell ^ Ingrosso’s fans, we managed to sell over £10,000 worth of merchandise." ATM ARTISTS LEARN MORE " Showtime With something new to experience with each episode, bot users have plenty to explore and come back to every week. And the more they engage, the more the bot has adapted and grown its database of content." SHOWTIME LEARN MORE " Christian Aid Utilizing Messenger bots helped us boost engagement and to take our fundraising appeals into the digital age." CHRISTIAN AID LEARN MORE " Wateraid The ability to continuously interact with large cohorts of engaged digital users makes the chatbot a powerful tool for awareness, activation and retention all in one." WATERAID LEARN MORE "

Slide Fireside chat with Honest Burgers and The Bot Platform Tune in to this 45 minute on-demand webinar where Chantal & Syd discuss how Honest Burgers added bots to their army to keep them going even in a time of crisis... arrow_forward How bots on Workplace helped support companies during the COVID-19 crisis When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020, businesses were forced to completely change or pause how they operated overnight... arrow_forward Connecting remote teams and supporting mental health Learn how bots on Workplace from Facebook can help support mental well-being for your staff and workforce. Since 1949, the month of May has been observed as Mental Health Month... arrow_forward Latest from our blog
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